I am on the second day of a journey across the country. To hear from those American’s who are being silenced. I have experienced the same first hand. I am a baker. I am not an extremist, far from far right. I am not a racist. I am not spreading hate, or misinformation. I am speaking my truth. I am showing their truth. Yet I am being silenced.

Never in my life, nor the history of the United States have we witnessed such disregard for the first Amendment. Freedom of the press, freedom of speech. Anything that states something contrary to the current narrative, is getting blocked, deleted, banned, from the outlets the American public, the world, go to get the opinions of society.

This can’t be allowed to continue. It is dividing the nation. The majority is silenced to push the agenda of a tiny few. We’ve been lied to, shamed, deceived, in the greatest con in human history.

It is my hope that this journey gets your voice out there. I will complete this journey and hear from many of you. I will complete this video project documentary and release it to the world, on the platforms that have not banned me. 

This journey will give a glimmer of hope. This journey will bring a sense of togetherness. It will bring strength. It will call out those who are attempting to divide and segregate us. It is my attempt as a regular American to change what I see as inevitable. 


God Bless

The Grumpy Baker