I would like to talk about my personal relationship with God and prayer. First I don't pray enough. I put my trust in Him but don't build the relationship as much as I feel I should. I am trying to change that, open up my heart more, and give more to Him.

A few years ago I began praying more. However I was hooked on "Thy will be done". Personally I felt asking God for help was selfish. My prayers consisted of. "If it's your will that X happen, please let it." After all it's His will be done right? It was a road block for me in the relationship. I would skip out on prayer opportunities because the thought would come in that He is going to do what needs to be done.

The truth for me and how my thought process on prayer has evolved is recently I felt this overwhelming answer that He wants me to be specific. He wants me to ask for opportunities to serve His will yes, but He also wants opportunity to show His love for me. By being more specific in my own needs, even though he knows my heart, He is able to have more of a presence in my life. If I pray for rain, and it rains, I identify more with His blessings on me and active involvement in my life. In order to be truly Grateful, these seemingly small gifts that we receive after asking for them specifically will only serve to strengthen the personal relationship we have with our Savior. That is what He is after all.

God bless you all

Grumpy Baker